Mice In Car? – Purchase The Original Mouse BlockerMice In Hot Tub?

What is Mouseblocker?

The Mouse Blocker is the first ultrasonic mouse deterrent dedicated to automobiles. The Mouse Blocker is a 12 Volt powered device releasing an ultrahigh frequency noise to deter mice from nesting inside your automobile. The Mouse Blocker is designed to protect automobiles from clogged or blocked interior areas, which can ultimately result in severe damage to your vehicle. The Mouse Blocker runs exclusively off a vehicle’s 12V battery and draws only as much power as an LCD clock. This allows the Mouse Blocker to run for months in a vehicle without draining the battery. The Mouse Blocker is perfect for all vehicles with a current mouse problem or one’s that are stored indoors, such as motorcycles, tractors, hot rods and dirt bikes. The Mouse Blocker works great for protecting your new vehicle from mouse damage that is not covered by your new car warranty. Use the Mouse Blocker in Campers and RV’s, Cars and Trucks, Motorcycles and Tractors, virtually anywhere with a 12V power supply.

Now Protecting More than your vehicles

We are always developing new products at Mouse Blocker and we are pleased to announce that we now offer a high voltage adapter. This high voltage adapter is specifically designed to work with hot tubs, pool filter enclosures and central air conditioner condensors. Our adapter is completely waterproof and specifically designed for these applications after receiving numerous requests to make such a product.

Note: The MouseBlocker also protects your valuables from Rats, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Weasels and other Rodents!